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  HENRY TOWNSEND 95TH BIRTHDAY PARTY - By Dianna Trombino Mestman

Mr. Henry TownsendI was anticipating Henry's birthday party for a long time, and I was not disappointed, in fact it was more than I expected. Even the Cardinals could not compete with Henry's legendary 95th birthday party. The fans did not disappoint Henry, they came to help him celebrate. And Henry did not let his fans down.

His fans and friends surrounded him with well wishes and gifts. Henry graciously allowed his fans to photograph as he signed autographs for them. You have admire a man that has endure the years of ever changing music and life it's self. To have survived all these years and have such a positive attitude, it was just a sheer delight to have been part of the celebration.

Henry's BD Card Arthur Williams Bob Lohr Bennie Smith

I want to thank the following performers for helping Henry to celebrate his birthday (which many have been friends for years and have performed with him in the past) Bob Case & Stewart, Tom Hall, Leroy Pierson, Dave Krull, Dave MacKenzie, Silvercloud, Pennsylvania Slim, the great JOHNNIE JOHNSON, Crying Shame/Krull, JR Reed, Earl Pryor, Sonny Robertson, Bennie Smith, and also performing were Arthur Williams, Tom Maloney, Steve Waldeman, Eric McSpadden, Bob Lohr, Tony T., Harry Simon, Rich (Bennie's drummer) and all of the bands members that performed that evening - THANK YOU, you are all CLASS ACTS.

Howard Robertson John May Johnnie Johnson J.R. Reed

The evening started with the blues style of Bob Case and Stewart, and ended with Bennie Smith...and in between the guest of honor MR. HENRY TOWNSEND, who gave an outstanding performance with Earl Pryor, he added an extra treat, which I never seem or heard before. Not only did he perform on the key boards, he performed on an guitar, with many years experience behind him. It was a unexpected pleasure to have witnessed that, and after his performance everybody stood up and applauded.

David Krull Dave Mackensire band Henry Townsend and Earl Pryor Leroy Pierson

The party didn't end there, shortly after that they brought out his birthday cake, a sight to see, Henry made a speech, and told his friends and fans that if it wasn't for the fans, there would be no HENRY TOWNSEND, and we are thankful for such a legend as Henry Townsend. THANK YOU, for many years of your wisdom and music, may your music and you never grow old!

Love ya Henry...Dianna Trombino Mestman aka LADY DI

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Bob Case, Tom Ray, Silvercloud Bob Cse group Tom Hall Pennsylvania Slim band
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