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'Cornbread'Johnnie Johnson - Johnnie Be EightyJohnnie Johnson - Johnnie Be Eighty. And Still Bad! {2005 | Cousin Moe Music}

Jeff Alexander brings back Johnnie Johnson, Larry Thurston and Gus Thornton for a second CD following "School For Fools".

Instead of being called a Johnnie Johnson CD perhaps Johnnie and St. Louis Blues Super Guests would've worked, as the talent is huge on this. The music makers are: Johnnie Johnson (piano), Gus Thornton (bass), Rich McDonough (guitar), Joe Pastor (drums), Larry Thurston (vocals - all but track #5) and Victor Johnson (vocals on track #5).

1. Beach Weather (4:14) - excellent guitar and man can Larry sing the blues, the piano was right on and sounded great.

2. Find Me A Woman (4:09) - an outstanding blues shuffle of Johnnie and Gus.

3. The Blues Don't Knock (8:40) - over eight minutes of solid, steady soulful blues tune as you'd expect from Larry and Rich.

4. Lucky Four (5:09) - the song starts with just Johnnie, this boogie-woogie is mighty, mighty fine.

5. Better Sell My House (6:54) - musically a good song, the vocals were horrible (almost cartoon-like).

6. A Good Day (3:09) - a fast paced tune. Gus Thornton's bass lines were dominant and great.

Total time: 32:25. The CD was good, much too short for a production CD, would've enjoyed hearing Johnnie sing a song or two on a Johnnie Johnson CD. While this CD has Johnnie playing piano it's more of a sequel to "School". What we get is six songs that are quite good. Rating: 4.

I'm a huge fan of Johnnie Johnson, at eighty he had nothin' to prove. Johnnie Johnson was the real deal. His presence was proud and genuine. He mastered the piano and just made great music. Unfortunately, Johnnie passed away on April 13, 2005 prior to the release of this CD. To Johnnie, thank you, you will be missed!

Ciao’ for now, peace.

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