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Connie and the Choirboys – Red-Headed Rhythm & BluesConnie and the Choirboys – Red-Headed Rhythm & Blues
By Gator

The “Red-Headed” Connie Hawkins leads this great KC R & B band through a dozen solid recordings. This group is well produced (by Lil’ RedProduction) and tight. Enjoy.

1 – Bad Love – Open with a hard drivin’ R & B tune that rocks

2 – Chain Of Fools – You know this by Sister Rea (1967) but this one is a little more upbeat

3 – Don’t Miss The Water – A very tight R & B sound in a classic KC style

4 – Honey Do – Sounding much more bluesy this is a great song

5 - Best Thing You’ll Never Have – Driving beat for sure The bass is runnin’ most of this one.

6 - Your Love – Large sound and very well put together

7 – Your Love – Subtle beat and gentle intro, then into a smooth groove, should stay quieter all the way through and this cut would be 5 on the STLBlusometer

8 – Since I Fell For You – Good organ in the intro on a cover of this 1963 oldie by Lenny Welch.

9 – Why Do Me Like That – Great beat and good guitar licks to accent this cut

10 – Blues In My Life – Nice loping rythem and one of Connie’s best vocal efforts on this CD. The entire band shine on this Great Keyboard solo, & the drums and bass are as always, solid

11 – Just My Style – A great R & B sound very KC and terrific

12 – Better Off With The Blues – Rappin’ it up with a down and out blues number.

Guitarist Steve Hawkins wrote 7 of these 12 and bassist Gary Roberts another to put most of the sound into this CD Obviously, a very talent laden group. If I could make one minorcriticism it would be that often Connie’s well trained voice is too clean for the blues. But then she can shine on others. Overall a good CD and a 3.5 on the STLBluesometer.

Jim "Gator" Kottmeier
email :: Gator@stlblues.net

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