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'Cornbread'By Cornbread

Michael Powers - Onyx RootMichael Powers - Onyx Root
{August 2004 | Baryon Records}

Michael Powers' debut CD, Onyx Root, has been nominated for two W.C. Handy Awards, "Best New Artist Debut" and "Contemporary Blues Album of the Year."

Powers takes us through different genres of blues, soul and dabbles in the psychedelic. We get six originals of which two are instrumentals.

Michael Powers - vocals & guitar
Jimi Zhivago - keyboards & guitar
Steve Jordan - drums & percussion
Amy Helm & Fiona McBain - backing vocals
Glen Patscha - piano on song 3
Neil Jason - bass

1. Successful Son - this song itself is fairly eclectic, in that it combines fast paced acoustic guitar, electric guitar. This would be a example of Delta Blues caffeinated. The vocals were a bit like Jimi Hendrix. Kudos go for going way out and doing what others haven't done before, that and I liked the song!

2. Can't Quit You, Baby (Willie Dixon) - excellent vocals that are reaping of soul over a bit more traditional of acoustic sound.

3. Baby's Got A Train (Howlin' Wolf) - an outstanding version.

4. She's About A Mover - dominant bass shuffle and yummy backing vocals.

5. Shock - a bit more electric than the others.

6. Country Boy (Muddy Waters / lyrics by Michael Powers) - man, what a great song, the vocals were very good and didn't seem to get in the way of the music (this is true of most of the songs on this CD).

7. Bird On A Wire (Leonard Cohen) - a bit more R&B than the other songs.

8. Psychotic Reaction - by far the most psychedelic, heavily distorted guitar playing on this CD, not really a blues tune and doesn't flow with the balance of the songs.

9. Night In Madrid - if Chicago and St. Louis have their own blues why can't Mexico have its own? An interesting instrumental, what a complete opposite emotion than the prior song.

10. Another Man Done - no we are back to the blues, Powers sounds like a veteran bluesman on this song.

11. Graffiti - kind of a bluesy pop rock song and I liked it.

12. All Over Town - an acoustic blues shuffle

13. Shimmy Up - borderline funky.

This is a great example of the abounding diamonds in the ruff. What a treat - a solid blues CD that I'll keep going back too time-and-time again. By far, one of the best blues CD's I've heard and easily the best debut CD. No, I didn't receive monetary compensation for this review, it's just that good. You get 13 songs; personally, I'd be happy with 11 and ditch Psychotic Reaction & Night In Madrid. This CD just about blew up the bluesometer as it pushed the needle to the far right. Rating 4.537.

Ciao' for now, peace.
Peter 'Cornbread' Cohen, CBP

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