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Albert Cummings - Working ManAlbert Cummings - Working Man
2006 Blind Pig Records

Every great once in awhile I come across a gem out there, just searching the net for good blues music. Well, I can’t say enough about my latest discovery. I also have to apologize because I’ve had this CD for about two months and just could not take it out of my car because I just had to listen to it everywhere I went! Now, I share with you a guitar slinger from the East named, Albert Cummings. Albert is no young and up and coming blues prodigy. No, he is like us, a hard working, full of heart and soul, blues lover. His story goes like this. He played banjo when he was a young boy, was introduced to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s music from a friend and loved it and switched to electric guitar. He started playing here and there and the next thing you know, he was backed by Double Trouble. Since shifting from part time musician to full time musician in 2004, he has shared the stage with Buddy Guy, Charlie Musselwhite, Bernard Allison, the Fabulous Thunderbirds and many more. As one of his tracks on this CD says, he’s on his way!

The band is:

Albert Cummings, Lead Guitar and Vocals
Dave Smith, Bass
Steve Potts, Drums

The tracks are:

1. Working Man Blues- Finest damn cover of Merle Haggard’s classic tune!
2. Say You Love Me- hard driving blues music with shredding guitar
3. I Feel Good- awesome vocals and foot stomping bass
4. Girls To Shame- groovy song about a looker in the crowd with lightning licks
5. Let Me Be- slow and full of soul
6. Feeling End- my favorite track, starts slow and ends with a bang
7. Party Right Here- shuffle with Texas Road House feel
8. I’m Free- his vocals will blow you away, jamming beat gets you going for sure
9. First Day- another slow tune that helps you identify with how personal music can be
10. I’m On My Way- how true it is that he is on his way, great tune!
11. Rumors- Stevie Ray Vaughn’s influence will slap you in the face here
12. Please- fast and furious fret work
13. Last Dance- ballad showcases his vocals and songwriting

I loved Albert’s songwriting, vocals and masterful guitar work; I am still in shock of how awesome this disc is and how talented these musicians are. I give this disc a 5.0 on my STLBluesometer! Check out his website for music samples, tour dates, the latest news and of course to purchase some of this awesome blues music! Visit Albert on the web at http://www.albertcummings.com/index.php.

Joseph "UJ" Miller
email :: uj@stlblues.net
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