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Saffire the Uppity Blues Women - Havin' The Last WordSaffire the Uppity Blues Women - Havin' The Last Word
2009, Alligator Records

Saffire was formed in 1984, and 2009 will mark their 25th anniversary. They will celebrate a quarter-century of fond memories and achievements. However, this 25th year will also be the year of their final tour and this CD is their final release as a group. They are Gaye Adegbalola (Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals), Ann Rabson (Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Kazoo) and Andra Faye (Fiddle, Mandolin, Acoustic Bass, Guitar, Vocals). Also, as of writing Gaye has been nominated for a Blues Music Award for Best Contemporary Female Blues Artist for her fourth solo CD, Gaye Without Shame (released July 2008). The 30th Blues Music Awards will be held Thursday, May 7, 2009 in Memphis, Tennessee. We wish her well!

1. Going Down To The River – classic song with a “calypso” kind of beat good
turns on the vocals
2. Nothin' In Your House - 4 bar beat with great words and piano under pinnings stronger right hand than usual
3. Kitchen Man – do me as soulful down home tune ladies - very cool
4. Somebody's Gotta Give – Good jive rhythm and vocals
5. Bald Headed Blues – gotta love the words in this upbeat blues about being bald
6. Since You've Been Gone – listen as the left hand moves your feet and sets the pace
7. Blue Lullaby – kinda of a country blues with nice mood Pretty song
8. Travelin' At The Speed of Love – nice shuffle beat blues with again a large left hand piano beat
9. I Can Do Bad All By Myself – Again a hill country blues complete with mandolin cuts
10. Too Much Butt – This song epitomizes the “Women” to me. Fun, sarcasm and cool
11. Haste Makes Waste – fast and steady – nicely put together
12. Locked Up – Clearly a gospel rooted song with classic structure
13. Walkin' Home To You – Easy song just damn good listening
14. Bald Eagle – The words are an unmistakable and terrific metaphor Typical of the “Women”
15. I'm Growing Older – Great message in this tune
16. The Bad Times – The curtain comes down with a wistful ballad and an appropriate to end the CD

In 2006 I was privileged to review the Women’s “Deluxe Edition”, compilation album and gave it the only “5” I have given. Now with their “final release” on Alligator coupled with their final tour, after twenty-five years of makin’ people happy with their music it is with warmth and a smile that we listen to the “Women” and say “Stay Cool”.

I am admittedly a fan of the Women and like the way they put out a song and the clever words that are part of any good blues song. So it probably doesn’t surprise anyone that I give this a 5 on the STLBluesometer. While “Uppity Blues Women” is ending you will hear the women individually as they solo and do other works. They have too much to give to stop.

So to the “Women” I bid a 'Later - Gator'

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