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The Rolling Stones – Truth and Lies DVD The Rolling Stones – Truth and Lies DVD
2006 Eagle Rock Entertainment

Why is Gator doing a review of a “rock band” on the Blues site?? Well, The Stones started as a blues band; most members have deep blues roots; and technically The Stones are R & B not “rock”. Anyway, any group that can persevere for 45 years, sell over 75 million records, well… Forty-five years of music from the “same band” is unheard of. Technically it is not the same band for all those years but all organizations and businesses change over 45 years. The Stones are a biz as well as a band.

If you’re looking for music this is not the DVD for you. If you’re looking for a great insight and history of The Stones here it is. Nearly 90 minutes of documentary information and background info on the icon known as “The Stones”. You will learn about the history of cultures, especially in the US and UK, social timing and how The Stones fit themselves into that culture.

The now recognized pattern of cutting an album then touring to promote it was, if not started by The Stones, certainly institutionalized by them. From their first album (cut in one day) which has great raw energy to their recent works which are digitally produced the Stones prevail against all odds. Nearly dissolved a couple of times by police charges, death, and musicians who went their own way, they survive as the only true band of the 60’s and 70’s and that music survives with them.

They are the “bad boys” of rock; the “anti-Beatles”; the smug, even defiant, rockers you wouldn’t have taken home to mom but they are above all else great showmen. Don’t get me wrong. Their music is solid and well practiced but many groups have that. To survive 45 years, be the best selling concert ticket, even at exorbitant prices, you must put out a great show---and they don’t disappoint.

All-in-all a great DVD, buy it enjoy it and let your kids watch it. The Stones are a real part of history. Gator gives this DVD a 4.8 on the STLBluesometer.

Later - Gator

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