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Walter Trout & Friends “Full Circle”Buckwheat Zydeco – Jackpot
{A 2005 release on the Tomorrow Label}

Jackpot! combines soulful original tunes, inspired playing and singing, and the trademark exuberance that’s made Buck the world’s best-loved Zydeco artist, and has earned Buckwheat Zydeco “the world’s greatest party band.” The music arose as a blend of traditional Cajun music with African-American traditions that also underpinned R&B and blues This is BZ”s first album since 1997. Buckwheat (Stanley Dural Jr) was in “The Red Hot Louisiana Band” in the 70’s as the B3 player. There’s plenty of Buckwheat’s signature accordion, and for the first time ever Buck specifically features his soulful mastery of the horizontal keyboard on a fantastic three-song Hammond B3 “Encore featuring Organic Buckwheat.” This CD features 55 minutes of great new music. He’s still all over his accordion so this CD is a great display of his versatility. Cut 1 is a great upbeat Zydeco sound and cut 5 rocks hard, then cut 10 is a very bluesy B3 number.

The Talent BZ on the accordion, B3, keys, and vocals
Lee Allen Zero on bass, and background vocals
Sir Reginald Master Dural on rubboard, and background vocals
Paul “Lil Buck” Sinegal on guitar
Oliver Scoazec on guitar
Gerald St Julien on drums
Curtis Watson on trumpet
Catherine Russell on background vocals

Great mojo.. Gotta give this a 4.8 on the ole STLBluesometer!

Later – Gator.

Jim “Gator” Kottmeier
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