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Boom Boom by John Lee HookerA Little Background Info.

John Lee Hooker's CD entitled Boom Boom is without a doubt one of the best blues CD's I have ever heard. It was released under Pointblank/Virgin records in 1992. The total album duration is about 41 minutes and 57 seconds. It has great contributors on it like Albert Collins, Charlie Musselwhite, Jimmie Vaughn, John Hammond, Mitch Woods, and Robert Cray. This album was also a Grammy Award Nominee.

My Favorite Tracks

I first heard this CD in my car. I bought the CD on a spur of the moment thing thinking any John Lee Hooker CD would be good. Once those throaty roars of the first track, Boom Boom, hit my ears I instantly started tapping my feet. Pretty soon I was driving along listening to one of the hottest tracks ever created. Now when I say hot track I mean hot track. I'm talking a track so hot I had to take my shirt off lest it burst into flames. If you're are even remotely afraid of buying this CD just listen to the first track on it and you will be forking over your dough and grabbing a fire extinguisher to put out the flames erupting from your speakers.

Track 7 is called Hittin' the Bottle Again. This track is nearly a folksong but will still appease the masses when Hooker plays solo with a National Steel Guitar! This is a great track to listen to while sipping a few beers with a couple of buddies. I recommend this track be listened by anyone because it quickly grows on you. Simply amazing!

Track 9 on the album is Thought I Heard, and is another favorite of mine. The harp on this track makes the song into something golden. Although the harmonica on this song doesn't compare to that of Little Walter(who can?), it does really add to Hooker's vocal and guitar skills.

The Other Tracks

Track 2: I'm Bad Like Jesse James: Good track that gets you to snap your fingers.

Track 3: Same Old Blues Again: Some pretty mean guitar is layed out on this

Track 4: Sugar Mama: This song is a classic.

Track 5: Trick Bag (Shoppin' For My Tombstone): Some of my favorite lyrics in a

Track 6: Boogie At Russian Hill: The organ playing by Deacon Jones is fantastic.

Track 8: Bottle Up And Go: I love a little bit of harp in anything.

Track 10: I Ain't Gonna Suffer No More: The big finale…enough said.

Check it Out
I love this album. Go out and pick it up. While you're picking this album up, go out and get any other John Lee Hooker CD you find because you're in good hands with John Lee Hooker music.

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