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'Cornbread'The Hollywood Blue Flames – Soul Sanctuary
The Hollywood Blue Flames – Soul Sanctuary
{2005 | Delta Groove Productions}

The Original Hollywood Fats Band - Al Blake: vocals, harmonica & guitar, Richard Innes: drums, Fred Kaplan: piano & organ & Larry Taylor: bass and now with guitar guru Kirk Fletcher: guitar – they’re back and serving up platefuls of the blues.

 - Song List -

1. Flambed (inst) (1:54) – it’s fresh and full of boogie.

2. Nit Wit (2:16) – a rockabilly, foot tappin’ ditty.

3. The Land of Calio (3:27) – soulful harmonica with jazzy vocals. This song takes it slow, and takes it easy, reminds me of the bull with young bull on top of hill, you know the joke…

4. Soon Forgotten (3:57) – the guitar playin’ was terrific, great solos with a piano backing.

5. He's A Blues Man (4:20) – Kaplan plays in the style of Johnnie Johnson and the harmonica is right on with lots of groove.

6. Jo Angelyn (inst) (5:09) – a cool instrumental proving that these guys are really good, I dug the organ and guitar playin’.

7. I'm A Luck, Luck Man (2:57) – a very solid song and as bluesy as they come.

8. Black Cat Bone (2:30) – another winner, this time highlighting Blakes harmonica talents.

9. Soul Sanctuary (inst) (3:16) – good song, very bluesy piano, harmonica and guitar.

10. My National Inquirer Baby (2:37) – good ol’ fashioned parlor blues with piano, some horns and deep vocals.

11. Coco Puffin' (7:11) – over seven minutes of blues bliss, my choice for best song.

 - Bonus Tracks -

12. Big Foot's Boogie (inst) (2:10) – a jazzy instrumental, no complaints it’s a bonus.

13. You're Sweet - with Kim Wilson on harmonica(4:07) – and what a bonus it is. Blues harmonica with vocals at the same time.

Check out Delta Grove Productions and Hollywood Blue Flames for more information. Well chitlens Cornbread liked this, sometimes I tell folks I’m into blues, they think its gotta turn you blue old Grandpa music – if you know someone like that, do em’ a favor, turn em’ onto these cats. This CD will leave the blues connoisseur with their mouth waterin’ wantin’ another helping. Rating: 4.446

Ciao’ for now, peace.

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