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Mitch Kashmar - Wake Up & Worry Shakey Ground - Aints That Da Truth

So when I was invited down to Hammerstones on Thanksgiving night to see this band I had NO idea the treat I was in for! I have been talking to bassist Preston Hubbard about the band recently and he was like “chica, you gotta come check us out!” I had a ball!! That’s all I can say.

I love blues but you throw in some blues with cajun sounds and I AM IN LOVE, people!! Also, the energy this band had knocked me off my feets! Fun times were had by all and I just couldn’t help but tap my feet and wiggle my booty!

Lead singer Paul Bonn (who I had never seen in action before) is one bundle of rockin’ energy. He always has a smile on his face and is always dancin’ on the side when the band is doing a solo. All I can say is go see them live and get a cd! You will be happy and your feet will thank you too!!

Paul Bonn - vocals, percussion
Preston Hubbard - upright and fender bass, vocals, guitar (t-bird fame if you didn’t know!)
Derek Bonn - drums & percussion (yep he’s Paul’s son!)
Ryan Waked - guitars
Special guest on harmonica: Rockin’ Jake; another one of my national favs!!

1. Te Ni Nee Ni Nu-
2. Bad Boy-an Eddie Taylor classic w/ great harp
3. Ay Ai Ai-Hey Pocky Away-this song tells me I need to be in Hawaii w/ a drink in my hand & no worries….
4. I Got Loaded-I have always dug this catchy song
5. If You Believe in What you do-a slow dancer and a good one
6. You Left the Water Running-I know this song is old but it reminds me of the Belairs and I love it!
7. I Ain’t Drunk-a very fun song
8. Hey Hey-shouting and dancing is what this one is all about
9. Shake Your Hips-
10. Mathilda-another oldie and fav of mine.
11. Motor Head Baby-can you say Johnny “guitar” Watson? I knew you could?!
12. Good Lover-a Jimmy Reed tune that I have loved for years!
13. The Bar Is Open-
14. Thunderbird-

Check out this band at shakeygroundblues.com and check out the phenomenal Rockin’ Jake at rockinjake.com.

This one gets a 4.89 on the STLBluesometer from me. I can’t wait to move back so I can go see ‘em on a regular basis!


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