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'Cornbread'By Cornbread

Rob Garland & The Blue Monks -  'When It's All Said & Done'B.B. King & Friends – 80
{9/13/05 | Geffen Records}

To help celebrate the King of Blues 80th birthday a celebrated group of accomplished musicians joined B.B. for a new recording. This twelve pack features songs with; Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Roger Daltrey, Darryl Hall, Billy F. Gibbons, Sheryl Crow, Glenn Frey, Gloria Estefan, John Mayer, Bobby Bland & Elton John.

The songs are:

1. Early In The Morning - with Van Morrison (vocals & harmonica) – Van, B.B. and Lucille sound mighty, mighty fine y’all. This slow blues is music to my ears.

2. Tired Of Your Jive – with Billy Gibbons (guitar – left side & vocals) – as you’d expect there is a lot of blues guitar, far mellower than any of ZZ’s stuff. Piano and horn accompaniment.

3. The Thrill Is Gone – with Eric Clapton (guitar – left side) – blues at its best, you can’t hear anything less than zest in B.B.’s vocals absolutely no signs of slowin’ down. Man I love that guitar. These two bluesmen trade licks throughout.

4. Need Your Love So Bad – with Sheryl Crow (vocals) – B.B. is rich and soulful, Sheryl is a bit slow almost country.

5. Ain’t Nobody Home – with Darryl Hall (vocals) – very much R&B with big band backing accompaniment, this was a uniquely odd combination that worked.

6. Hummingbird – with John Mayer (guitar – left side & vocals) by Leon Russel, about a “true love”, it’s primarily a piano with guitar solos. Mayer sounds really good.

7. All Over Again – with Mark Knopfler (guitar – left side) – outstanding, it’s great from the start. Love the guitar, boogie-woogie piano and B.B.’s bluesy signature vocals.

8. Drivin’ Wheel – with Glenn Frey (guitar – left side & vocals) by Roosevelt Sykes, hell yea I can feel the blues. Perfect guitar Lucille.

9. There Must Be A Better World Somewhere – with Gloria Estefan (vocals) – the better of the two female duets, you get a lot of B.B. Gloria’s part is a sexy-jazzy vocal. This is another prominent after hours piano blues song.

10. Never Make Your Move Too Soon – with Roger Daltrey (vocals) – a happy combination of Memphis bluesman and English rocker, kind of like the Who meets the King of Blues – oh wait that’s what it is.

11. Funny How Time Slips Away – with Bobby Bland (vocals) by Willie Nelson – the bass made up most of the music on this slow, old school bluegrass-country-blues ditty.

12. Rock This House – with Elton John (piano & vocals) – fifties-esque shuffle, rockabilly blues.

B.B. has the birthday, and gives us fans this awesome gift. Thanks B.B., happy birthday. While never really being a fan of duet releases, this is among the best. For B.B. and blues aficionados this is a must have. I liked most all of the songs; my favorites were tracks 1, 3, 7 & 12.

Ciao' for now, peace.
Peter 'Cornbread' Cohen, CBP
~ Cornbread@STLBlues.net ~

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