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'Cornbread'Blues Noir - NoircissismBlues Noir - Noircissism
{April 2004 | Blues Noir and Jr. Johnny}

This is the second CD for the Albany, New York based Blues Noir. Good or bad, the band went through some personnel changes after this CD. Blues Noir that performed on this CD are: Peter Corrigan (guitar, slide guitar, vocals & backing vocals); Jr. Johnny (harmonica, vocals & backing vocals); Ken Smith (bass & backing vocals) and John Nichols (drums and backing vocals). I thought these guys sounded pretty good.

Twelve songs, eleven are originals.

The tracks are:

1. Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You (Corrigan) 3:08 – fast paced.

2. Candy Store (Jr. Johnny) 3:39 – deep, growl-like vocals with pleasing guitar.

3. Big Fat Momma (Corrigan/Smith) 3:51 – rockabilly backing vocals, slow wailing harmonica.

4. Two Women Walkin’ (Corrigan) 2:52 – another rockabilly sounding party song.

5. Talk Some Trash (Jr. Johnny) 3:00 – fast swing.

6. Your Leg’s Too Little (Turner) 4:14 – the bass and harp were right on.

7. Nothin’ Up My Sleeve (Corrigan) 6:33 – a slow-burnin’ blues, I liked this combination.

8. Easy Street (Jr. Johnny) 3:32 – a head bobbin track with soulful harmonica.

9. Groovin’ With Jr. (Jr. Johnny) 3:37 – instrumental.

10. I Got A Good Woman (Corrigan) 4:55 – well done jazzy guitar snippets, good song.

11. Hand of God (Corrigan) 2:59 – featuring Peter Corrigan on Guitar, Bass, 3 String Bouzouki, Vocals, Washboard, Hit Sticks, Foot Taps, Hand Clapping and Creaking Chair.

12. I Do Forget (Corrigan) 7:13 – a blues delight; hot guitar, solid bass and slow vocals.

A delicious heaping helping of the rockabilly-swing-blues that’s pleasing to ears and pallet in a convenient, easy-to-use CD, perfect for the car, home stereo or walkman. I liked this CD, this is darn good music.

Ciao’ for now, peace.
Cornbread |

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