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The Bottoms Up Blues Gang - South Broadway Blues

Ms. Kari Liston - Vocals
Adam Andrews - Harmonica
Jeremy Segel Moss - Guitar

This local Blues trio has produced a great Blues CD companion (carry anywhere!) Kari Liston’s commanding vocals remind me a bit of an early Michelle Shocked or a youngish Bonnie Raitt. She is able to go from nasty to gutsy to melancholy with great ease. I could possibly marry this woman on those strengths alone! No, we have never actually met. From the Blues Standards on this disc to the original tracks, you are instantly plunged into the mood of the songs.

Adam Andrews plays harmonica. He does this very well. The rapport between him and Kari on these tunes is truly enjoyable. Very clean licks blending into the fills, he is the perfect balance to Ms. Kari voice. Very steady not walking on any vocals, he comes on with strong refreshing solos. He could be on the side of some berm road waiting on a ride or walking home from Soulard in the rain. His reeds seem to echo the soul of the situation.

Jeremy Segel-Moss is the guitar vehicle that makes this blues cruise possible. Providing the platform for Ms. Kari and Adam, he does well playing his lead off both harp and vocals. With equal skill, whether it is a traditional Delta tune or some gutsy Urban blues, he keeps the band moving forward. At times when it seems the sound is being dominated by vocals and harp, you realize "Wow, that guitar was in the mix and WORKING all the time!"

Guest appearances on some the cuts offer different dimensions to this sound. Most notable was Matt Murdick playing piano on 4 of the cuts. Joining the band for a final jam on cut 13 included Irene Allen on vocals, Brian Curran on guitar, Sharon Foehner bass, and Eric McSapdden harmonica.

Cuts I really enjoyed include:

"Train I ride" - yea baby, get me on board that train.
"Meet me out back" - I love nasty songs
"Key to the Highway" - The harp on this defines "Blue"!
"Nobody’s Business" - Piano and vocals so work!
"I don’t need your Blues" - Hat trick here, vocals, harp, and guitar!
"Smokestack Lightning" - The harp and guitar work so well on this one. Vocals conjure up visions of spirits and mojo!
"Just a little Bit" - Harp and guitar make this one cook!

Just my view from the Left Coast,


South Broadway Blues samplers are here!

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