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'Cornbread'By Cornbread

Tommy Bankhead - Please Accept My Love Tommy Bankhead - Please Accept My Love
{Recorded 9/11/2000, released 2002 | Fedora Records}

Unfortunatly, this is Tommy Bankheads third and final album as he passed away December 16th, 2000 of complications from emphysema.

The eleven tracks are:

1. I'm Not Your Alley Cat

2. Worried Life Blues - very cool remake of a great song

3. Please Accept My Love - this is a Delta blues style song, there were big up-strokes on this song

4. If You Call That Gone - has a standard blues bass line with steady low keyed electric blues guitar riffs throughout.

5. Everything Gonna Be Alright - raw vocals and great beat

6. Santa's Blue Lover Blues - I love bluesy Christmas songs, this is no exception. The piano (Bob Lohr) was particularly tasty on this track

7. Me & My Oxygen Tank - this is a talking song, I have heard that near the end Tommy played at BB's with his oxygen tank and Cryin' Shame backed him.

8. Are You Ready? - a mellow tune, the guitar was the highlight of this song

9. Stoop Down - pure blues swing!

10. Come To Me - over eight minutes of beautiful blues, mostly guitar

11. Tommy's Story - Tommy's history in his own words.

I liked tracks 5, 6 & 9, my favorites were 2, 4 & 10

Also see reviews 'Please Mr. Foreman' and 'Message To St. Louis', just below.

Ciao' for now

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