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'Cornbread'By Cornbread

Ron McManaman – Alibis
Ron McManaman – Alibis (2008)

Hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska, Ron McManaman headed to Fourth Street and Vine in Kansas City to make home and pave his way these days as a performing singer/songwriter alongside harmonica blues man, Rick Peer. His first music stint was trying to sell his songs in the hard-to-break Nashville scene. Since that time he’s followed his heart and focuses on blues and rock these days. His schedule is 5-6 gigs a month in and around the KC area. On his CD he played guitar and bass as well as performed all vocals. The songs on “Alibis” are all original. This marks his second CD though his debut as a solo performer. Prior he was part of Dog Town.

“Alibis” takes you on a journey thru relationships and hard times. While it’s still the blues, the lessons are good with the goal to leave you in a better place. Ron’s theory is you don’t have to have the blues to sing the blues. Like many a bluesman Ron has chosen a strat as his tool of the trade. He started playing at age sixteen some forty years ago. These eight fresh tracks are from stale old blues.

1. Turning Point
2. Don't Tell Me No Lies
3. Can't Live With That
4. Diamond Eyes
5. Don't Need My Alibis
6. Loser At Love
7. Mamalady
8. 99%

I found these songs kinda mellow yet extremely pleasing to the ears. Some of the songs had harmonic which sounded g-o-o-d and there was a little ivory keys too. His guitar playing is a bit understated, vocally this guy sounds great. My favorite song here is Don’t Tell Me Lies. Ron’s in the calendar, check out his gigs.

Peace and Love
Peter 'Cornbread' Cohen, CBP
~ Cornbread@STLBlues.net ~

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