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Saffire--The Uppity Blues Women - Deluxe Edition Saffire--The Uppity Blues Women - Deluxe Edition
{2006 | Alligator}

Alligator Records continues to excel with the latest by the Uppity Blues Women in this “Uppity Women” chosen compilation from their prior successful releases on Alligator. This is a great display of their talents and styles as well as their great sense of biting tongue in cheek blues lyrics. Listen grin enjoy and replay as necessary for continued enjoyment.

1. Middle Aged Blues Boogie – Terrific 4 bar blues in pure form. Listen for the piano and bass.

2. Sloppy Drunk – Nice driving beat R & B. You cannot listen to this and not groove along.

3. It Takes A Mighty Good Man – Great left hand piano blues with a solid harmonica added.

4. Ain’t Gonna Hush – Boogie Woogie lesson for musicians and just great listening for all.

5. Bitch With A Bad Attitude – Funny vocal intro – Down and Dirty lyrics -- ‘nuf said.

6. There’s Lightning in these Thunder Thighs – Again with the great lyrics, piano, and bass this rhythmic groove is a very well produced song.

7. Tom Cat Blues – Solid 4 bar, foot tappin’ blues track.

8. (No Need) Pissin’ On A Skunk – All you need to add is a beer and a smoky room.

9. Don’t Treat Your Man Like A Dog – Musically a very tidy song - that PETA would endorse.

10. Because Of You – If you can sit still to this ---- you are dead!! Driving rhythm.

11. T’ain’t Nobody’s Business – Listen for the Gospel influence in this funky bluesy tune

12. Silver Beaver – Outrageous blues through the eyes of a woman and it is terrific

13. Elevator Man – Kinder Gentler blues for a nice acoustic sound. Great guitar!

14. How Can I Say I Miss You – Country influence with a solid groove.

15. In My Girlish Days – Basic Blues!! Have a beer and enjoy the simple greatness of the blues .

16. School Teachers Blues – Not a Teacher? You’ll relate. More great lyrics, great blues form.

17. Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby? – A classic, very well done by the Women.

18. Falling Back In Love With You – The left hand again on the piano. Talk to me Women.

19. Wild Women Don’t Have The Blues – Good mojo and great groove Tap along.

20. The Equalizer – It’s “Last Call” but what a great funky ending song. Fittingly, all the Women take a vocal shot and make us all feel satisfied – musically.

This is a fabulous collection of music on one CD. Not a bad cut in the whole album. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend. This is a 5 on the STLBluesometer.

Later – Jimmy the K

Jim "Gator" Kottmeier
The STLBluesometer
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