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By Jeff "Harpin Homer" Winders

- Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmie Vaughan

Jimmy Reed was born in Dunleith, Mississippi and learned to play harmonica and guitar from his close friend Eddie Taylor. His simplistic approach to the blues gave his music a distinct and easily recognizable sound, earning him 14 hits which have become legendary standards in any bluesman's repertoire.

ON THE JIMMY REED HIGHWAY, is a compilation of covers featuring 21st century bluesmen, Omar Kent Dykes and Jimmie Vaughan. These two Texas based musicians have teamed up with a star studded line up of great blues players such as Kim Wilson, Delbert McClinton, James Cotton, Lou Ann Barton, Gary Clark Junior, and the late blues harmonica great, Gary Primach. Together these musicians drive home the steady boogie guitar rhythms along with the crisp howling of guitar solos and turnarounds. The sultry vocals along with the sweet accompaniment of crying, wailing, and talking harmonicas make this an enjoyable journey.

So, strap yourselves in, relax, crank up the volume and savor this drive down this well known and historic highway.

1. JIMMY REED HIGHWAY - Omar's tribute to the man and the music. Summarizes the influence of Jimmy's music and the blues world through references to his hits and fellow blues men.

2. BABY WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO/BRIGHT LIGHTS BIG CITY - Kim Wilson lays down some wailing harp riffs throughout.

3. BIG BOSS MAN - This driving rhythm echoes the sentiment we all would love to tell our boss. Kim Wilson's harp has attitude!

4. GOOD LOVER - The vocals of Lou Ann Barton sparks images of sexy late night rendezvous......

5. CARESS ME BABY - The slow tempo, the heartbreaking moan of James Cotton's harmonica, and the sulking vocals of Omar an Lou Ann will give you the blues!

6. AW SCHUCKS, HUSH YOUR MOUTH - The boogie rhythm and exploding guitar licks from Jimmie Vaughan will make you want to "paint the town red."

7. YOU UPSET MY MIND - Hits home for anyone ever in a relationship. Kim Wilson's pleading harmonica is filled with emotion.

8. I'LL CHANGE MY STYLE - The slow drawl of Omar's vocals and the apologetic guitar exudes heartache.

9. BAD BOY - Omar's guttural lyrics and Vaughan's guitar of this Eddie Taylor original are "in your face".

10. BABY WHAT'S WRONG - This jumpin' boogie is full of the melodic phrasing of harmonica genius, Gary Primach. A must listen for any harmonica lover!

11. HUSH HUSH - Steady dirty rhythms and the simple high wailing of Delbert McCliton's harmonica and vocals remind us of how we all feel sometimes.

12. YOU MADE ME LAUGH - Gary Primach makes that harp speak.....check out the Wah-Wah

On the STLbluesometer this disc is a definite 5. If you love the amplified sound of the Chicago Blues era of the 40's and 50's and appreciate the talent of today's blues greats, this is a must addition to your blues collection.

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