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'Cornbread'The Hollywood Blue Flames – Soul Sanctuary

The Bo-Keys – The Royal Sessions
{2004 | Yellow Dog Records}

It’s funky R&B, jazzy, beat-strong. The CD, The Royal Sessions has been nominated for a Handy award for “Best New Artist Debut”.

The Bo-Keys are Ronnie Williams on Hammond B-3 organ, drummer Willie Hall, Charles “Skip” Pitts on guitar and Scott Bomar on bass. Additionally, the horn section consists of Marc Franklin on trumpet, Jim Spake playing tenor & baritone sax and Hector Diaz holding down the percussion.

1. Coming Home Baby – instrumental, starts off with a church like organ then it gets funky.

2. Deuce And A Quarter – deep vocals and deep and funky, you can cut the funk with a knife.

3. Seven and 7 – instrumental groove with a jazzy horn accompaniment.

4. Spanish Delight – the Hammond and sax are main focal points, could take it or leave it.

5. Under The Table – again the horns are prominent on this instrumental track with backing organ, for me, the highlight was the guitar which if you listen for the guitar way, way towards the back of the music you’ll here glimpses of it, but not enough.

6. Back At The Chicken Shack – featuring Calvin Newborn & John Gary Williams. The guitar is up front on this song. Someone say yea. It’s good music with talking bout’ dinner at the shack. I’d bet you get good cornbread at the chicken shack.

7. Doin’ It To Death – a rock solid beat with speaking vocals.

8. I Remember Stax – this was a cool instrumental, kinda jazz meets soul.

9. My Country Loves Me – good music with Vincent Price vocals, what is that?

10. Bling Bling – another instrumental, neat song, guitar kinda sounded like chicken picken.

If you like the Hammond B-3 and funked-up jazz (kinda like the late great Jimmy Smith) then you’ll like this CD. Rating 3.33.

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Ciao’ for now, peace.

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