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Rusty Zinn - Zinfidelity Vol. 1Rusty Zinn - Zinfidelity Vol. 1
-- by Shannon --

I remember it well; it was late in 1999. The only blues band I had even seen was local favorite Pennsylvania Slim and his blues band. The bass player from Slim's band told me that Rusty Zinn from CA was playing at Generations (back when they still did blues shows). I was skeptical about going but went anyhow. Little did I realize that seeing Rusty would open up a whole blues world for me. Needless to say I was TOTALLY floored by Rusty and his music. Talking to him that night and listening to his music got me interested in all the west coast cats I love to listen to these days. The list goes on and on and continues to grow but includes Rod Piazza, Rick Estrin, and Mark Hummel. Had it not been for going to see Rusty, I would not have the honor of working w/ stlblues.net and I could have cared less who or what Sonny Boy (Rice Miller) was to blues! Zinn's latest cd (only one of 4 he has recorded) is quite a bit different than his traditional blues compilations. Different isn't a bad thing however for Rusty. This disc is jazzy, funky, jumpin, and up-tempo. Plus, Rusty has the kind of voice that is so sweet and soulful that you can't help but get hooked regardless of what style he does.

Below is a track list from the CD:

1. Talkin' Bout You- nice background vocals
2. Treat You Like a Queen-jazzy version of the original from Sittin' & Waitin'
3. Falling In Love Again-slow nice song originally from The Chill
4. Lucille-grinding version of original tune from Confessin'
5. Put Your Hand In Mine-upbeat soulful song w/ terrific horns
6. Get My Hat-my favorite song on the cd; I used to dig this song way back when Rusty did it w/ the Dynatones!
7. The Real Stuff-true love
8. A Life I Used To Know-slower tune about heartbreak
9. Ain't That Some Shame-sassy tune about what coulda been
10. In My Dreams-slow dancin' song and mellow sounding organ
11. Zinn Bootyism-hilarious lyrics about what type of women rusty loves best!
12. Love Him Or Leave Him-finger snappin' gets me every time; diggin' this tune!

Special guests include Randy Bermudes, June Core, and Bob Welsh all of west coast blues fame. (Little Charlie & the Nightcats, RJ Mischo, etc.) I liked this album the first time I heard it. Yes, it's different, but yes, it's very addictive! I think you will dig it too!
I give this CD a 4.76 of 5 on the STLBluesometer.

email :: shannon@stlblues.net
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