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Brad De Hart - Back With The Blues Brad De Hart - Back With The Blues
Self Produced 2006

De Hart has compiled some terrific music on this CD and it is worth a listen. If I were to pick a sound I would say easy, smooth blues with a little edge but not in your face.

Look at this line up----all huge songs--

1 – Stormy Monday – True to the old easy soft blues version Wonderful Best cut on the CD
2 – Fever – A little “countryish” but it works
3 – Summertime – A classic, a tad over on the voice, but very cool
4 – Bring It On Home To Me – A great old Sam Cooke tune well done by Brad
5 – God Bless The Child - Easy version of the Billie Holiday great
6 - Baby What You Want Me To Do – Not earthy enough but a great song
7 – Alright Okay You Win – Again too much voice
8 – Steamroller Blues – When he slows it down it gets better again
9 – Sick and Ting especially the guitar
10 - Sportin’ Life – Wonderful old tune and a nice ballad


Brad needs to forget his voice training and get down with the blues. Sounds like he’s singin’ it not feelin’ it. The Blues needs more earth less vibrato. I would like to credit the musicians on this CD but he didn’t list them. This is an OK CD but only a 4.0 tops on the STLBluesometer.

Later - Gator
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