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'Cornbread'By Cornbread

The Piping Hot Buttery Biscuits of Blues –  Allow To Cool Serve ImmediatelyThe Piping Hot Buttery Biscuits of Blues –
Allow To Cool Serve Immediately

{2004 | 12 Bar Record Company}

The Biscuits (as they refer to themselves) are:
Dave Mulford (guitar, vocals & harp), Larry Cowsert (bass & vocals) & Rex Cruzen (drums & backing vocals). If you’ve seen these three seasoned bluesmen live you’ll appreciate their talent, humor and zest for the moment. If you haven’t heard the Biscuits live your in for a mouth waterin’ treat. This CD is all first takes of a recorded rehearsal, there is some craziness but above all some meaty blues morsels that are more than pleasing to the pallet. Note these first takes are just the Biscuits, no effects and no overdubbing. I’ve had the privilege of seeing the Biscuits live as well as talking and jamming with them at the studio.

1. Cross Cut Saw (Albert King) – Dave says it’s the Sweet Alabama of blues. This version is closer to Tab Benoits take of the song, it has a zydeco feel especially with Rex clicking on the rims.

2. Don’t Burn Down the Bridge (Otis Clay) – the intro is Larry playing treble bass before Dave chimes in with his waling guitar licks.

3. Help the Poor (B.B. King) – its more of a funky rumba blues kinda like the Robben Ford take on the song. It’s classic blues, the bass is staccato and the guitar solo is flat out.

4. Make Your Mind Up (Tab Benoit) – Dave really likes this song, he said it’s just a fun song. The Biscuits use it as a show opener.

5. Matchbox Blues (also Tab Benoit, see a trend here) – Both Dave and Larry said it was their favorite song, I’d agree, it’s mine too. This B Minor blues is a dynamic syncopated song, one third of the song is rests. Dave said “man, the song breathes.” Rex is consistent on this song, he’s in the pocket.

6. Paint My Mailbox Blue (Taj Mahal) – this old style electric blues song is played nice and easy with clean, klinky guitar. It has the feel of sittin’ on the front porch swing strummin’ an old acoustic guitar. I liked the feel of this song, vocally Dave is right on.

7. Seventh Son (Tab’s version of the 60’s song) – its straight blues, Muddy Waters like, stripped down. Probably getting late in the night, they start over, Dave comments during the song. It’s raw, just like live.

8. Thanks A Lot (Otis Clay) – Larry loves this song, he said it’s just an awesome song. It’s a bluesy shuffle with R&B’esque vocals.

9. Tonight, You Belong To Me – in 1956 two sisters (Patience & Prudence McIntyre) did this song that Billy Rose and Lee David wrote in the mid 20’s. Larry said “it’s silly stupid, we just started playing it.” Personally a downer from the other tracks. My guess is if these guys had sat around and planned songs that would end up on a recording this woulda’ been skipped.

10. Radio Station Candidate is follow-up to song 9, just the Biscuits talking and being goofy.

Songs one through eight are great, number one, five and six were my favorites. Cornbreads recommendations: Buy the CD and go see these guys, they play music for maximum impact to get people up and get them excited. I expect the Biscuits will quickly become staples in the St. Louis blues scene and beyond. Rating 4.63. Buy the CD!

Ciao' for now, peace.
Peter 'Cornbread' Cohen, CBP
~ Cornbread@STLBlues.net ~

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