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'Cornbread'By Cornbread

The BelAirs – HooDoo PartyThe BelAirs – HooDoo Party
{May 30, 1999 | Blueberry Hill Records}

The BelAirs are Dick Pruitt on bass and vocals, David Pruitt on guitar and vocals and Mike Cherry on drums and percussion.

HooDoo Party is just that, a blues party with special guest musicians; Johnnie Johnson, Joe Terry, Paco Shipp, Dennis Lansing, John Wolf, Chris Bess and Marcus Steinmann. Parts of this twelve song disc was recorded at the Sheldon Concert Hall. HooDoo is the third recording by the BelAirs.

1. “HooDoo Party” the worthy title track, brings it all, Naw’lin style (that’s New Orleans) – boogie woogie piano, horn, guitar solo and vocals similar to that of Dr. John.

2. “Strange Things” also has great vocals and plenty-o blues guitar, not-to-mention a good toe tappin’ beat.

3. “Sugar Mama” is rock-a-billy blues, if you don’t know what that is, maybe the BelAirs invented it, this CD has plenty - - it ain’t slow, it is mighty gooode.

4. “Big City” is awesome, it has snippets of piano, the vocal harmonies are the lead on this song.

5. “I’m Lost Without You” is a bit of an eclectic mix, deep soulful vocals and horns. It’s different, so am I – I liked the song.

6. “Every Day I Cry Some” first made me think of Marshall Crenshaw from the 80’s. A bit of a pop sound with a catchy tune, I bet the radio stations would really dig this song.

7. “Good Lover” is another rock-a-billy blues cut. I really like this sound, it’s like no other. Imagine Elvis or Buddy Holly all bluesed up. Cool guitar solo and steady bluesy bass line.

8. “How Come People Act Like That?” was a southern blues/southern rock song.

9. “Who Been Foolin’ You?” is a quick tempo remake of the blues classic. I like the vocals on this remake better than the original.

10. “Left Me To Roam” has good old fashion blues guitar, steady bass lines and harmonizing vocals what more could you ask for?

11. “Take This Hurt Off Me” just like “Left Me To Roam” its just the BelAirs without any guest musicians, this is a great example of what the Pruitt Brothers and Mike Cherry can do.

12. “House On Fire” features acoustic guitar, sounds like its straight from the delta.

Visit the BelAirs site for more information.

I liked this CD, I give it a 4 out of 5. HooDoo Party is upbeat and makes for good listening. For all you guys out there, my wife gave spousal approval on this one.

Ciao’ for now, peace.
Peter ‘Cornbread’ Cohen, CBP

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