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Stew Moss - The Plum :: Grandma Gerber Records

Stew Moss - The PlumStew Moss - Vocal and Guitar

I was reading the somewhat limited liner that accompanies this disc and it was categorized as " Texas Blues Gospel & Humor". Indeed! Mostly viewing life from the humorous side; if this is Gospel, then take me to Church! I like Mr. Moss's in your face approach to addiction, fidelity, and sorrow. He covers the battles between man and machine and the love or lack thereof between man and women. The quest of " just tryin' to live right" emanates from his guitar and vocals. If you don't get your foot " a tappin " listening to this CD, check your pulse, you may be dead!

A great CD to put on 30 miles from the house or to enhance the fading euphoria that is the realization of being legally in the car pool lane during commute rush hour. It is mostly original music that demonstrates the preaching side of the artist. Picture yourself walking in some unknown district in some unknown town and suddenly a tune catches your ear. Then a lick or a bending string hooks you to a stop. You think "Where is THAT coming from?" You follow the sound to a beer garden, patio, or double swinging door. Step inside, it's Stew Moss a playin' and he has come to testify. Sit down and enjoy.

Cuts I liked- Pretty much the whole dang thing but…. "The Monkey Song"-I always wondered about the term " Monkey on his Back" came from! " Get Back Home" Jesus is coming! Are you ready? " Saint James Infirmary" Wow, great interpretation on this traditional. My favorite of the disc! " John Henry" So illustrates the plight of man. " Love my Baby" I wish I could sing this song as well! "Osama Yo Mama" Well, you just have to give it a listen.

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Just my view from the Left Coast
- Jim

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