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'Cornbread'By Cornbread

Interstate Connection Bluesmasters -  Straight From The HeartInterstate Connection Bluesmasters –
Straight From The Heart
{1998 | ICBM Records}

The 11 tracks equal 47 min., 56 seconds of total playing time.

This St. Louis band was touring with the government from 1997 to 2001 with the Department of Defense and toured from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Straight from the heart represents ICB’s first and only recording. ICB stopped touring due to health problems. Phil Johnson (vocals) told me “ICB will be back soon”.

The Interstate Connection Bluesmasters are:

Phillip Johnson / Lead Vocalist
C.W. Wright / Lead Guitarist
Keith Turner / Keyboard & Organ
Johnny Guyton / Bass
Larry Williams / Alto & Tenor Sax
Eddie Brown / Drums

The Tracks are:

Phillip Johnson1. “I’m A Freak” (written by Phil Johnson) is a bit funky consisting of organ and guitar.

2. “Chicken Shack” is a cool blues instrumental song, I really dig hearing the blues played on an organ.

3. “You Treat The Dog Better Then Me” (written by Phil Johnson) is over 7 minutes long and features fantastic vocals, bluesy lyrics, with the organ as main backup instrument. Two minutes into the song ICB gets down with talking lyrics over a long session of blues guitar licks.

4. “I’m Not Drunk” an Albert Collins tune done up right. The guitar is great! Backing vocals are a good touch with horn. I bet the guys in the armed forces went nuts when this song was played.

5. “The Substitute” (written by Phil Johnson) has a 40 second musical intro before Johnson takes down with his deep, slow vocals. Steady beat, organ, horn – heck this is a make out song.

6. “Mess Around” – instrumental is swinging.

7. “Blue Side Of Town” is my favorite track so far, great blues tune, I was tappin’ my foot and bobbin’ my head.

8. “When Something Is Wrong” is an R&B song, Johnson takes the vocals up an octive.

9. “Bring It Home To Me” another R&B song. Once this song came on I started thinking about Mrs. Cornbread and envision us slow dancing in the living room after the kids are asleep.

10. “Mess Around” – vocal is a mess around, y’all.

11. “You Said You’re Going You’re Going Fishing” (written by Phil Johnson) was the other top track on the CD. The guitar licks were on fire, Wrights guitar is probably still smokin’.

This was an enjoyable CD that crossed R&B and blues.

Rating of 3/5

Ciao' for now, peace.
Peter 'Cornbread' Cohen, CBP

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