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'Cornbread'By Cornbread

{Released 1996 St. Louis, MO | Blueberry Hill Records}

As of this review, this is the 3rd CD from RBD.
All songs are written by Rondo except "Black Night" (Willie Dixon), "Fever" (Little Willie John) and "Working Undercover" (Dennis 'Chicago Slim' Lansing).

Rondo is one of those cats that has become a staple in the St. Louis blues scene from his beginnings with the Soulard Blues Band to his hugely successful solo career spanning over 25 years. Rondo sings with a ton of feeling and mojo, in a way I am reminded of John Belushi from the old Saturday Night Live doing his Joe Cocker imitation. (Rondo, I mean that in a good way in that you put your body and all your emotions into your singing.)

The tracks [from first to last]

1. Shack Pappy's – deep, raspy vocals have become Rondo’s trademark sound, this is a fine example of that plus we get harmonica and backing vocal fills.

2. Sweet, Sweet Whiskey (No Mo) – hey Rich nice slide and mighty tasty solo, slower than most of Rondo’s stuff.

3. Welcome Back, Heartbreak – Chicago blues got nothing on this rooty St. Louie Blues track, this is abundantly rich in mojo.

4. Blues Train – all aboard, the Rondo’s Blues Deluxe is pulling out (“Cornbread”, you say “what does that mean?” I dunno, just going with the train theme.) Umm, let’s see, great guitar playing and killer vocals, would you expect anything less from these guys?

5. Childhood Sweethearts – plenty of piano, strong bass, oh and Rondo singing his guts out on this slower tune.

6. Working Undercover – excellent version

7. Fever – a bit jazzy.

8. Black Night – another jazzy tune. I liked the sax and piano. Willie Dixon songs are everywhere.

9. St. Louis Blues #2 – now this is the blues, if STLBlues #2 is this good, I can’t wait for #3.

10. In My Room – if you’re expecting the Beach Boys song with the same name, sorry. Rondo presents a bluesy ballad which kinda sounds like Joe Cocker, hmmm?

The bandThe band [from left to right]
Dennis 'Chicago Slim' Lansing • Sax
Jack Inglis • Keys
Jeff Myers • Drums
Craig Thornton • Bass
Rich McDonough • Lead & Slide Guitar
The hairy dude [in front]
Rondo • Vocals & Harmonica

Those involved in this project [not pictured]
Ingred Berry • Background Vocals on songs 1 & 7
Marsha Evans • Background Vocals on song 5
Ptah Williams • Piano on song 7
Vince Sala • 2nd Saxophone

This is a high intensity blues album, not advisable for the weak. I liked it, yes siree bob. Someone say “yea”. Rating 4.337.

Ciao' for now, peace.


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