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Peter 'Cornbread' CohenBy Cornbread

Gary Moore: Essential MontreuxGary Moore: Essential Montreux
Eagle Rock – July 2009

The great blues/rock guitarist, Gary Moore presents a 5-CD box set of his Montreux Jazz Festival performances from 1990, 1995, 1997, 1999 and 2001. Each CD represents a live performance from that year. Personally, I liked 1990 and 1995 the best. On all five CD’s there were many comfortable covers that I’ve grown accustomed to over the years. As an added treat there were several David Gilmour’esque, Pink Floyd like guitar parts. All-in-all a perfect combination.

Moore got his start in the 60’s with Skid Row, spent some time with Thin Lizzy as well as fanciful guitar work for the fusion band Collosseum II.

Disc 1: 1990

1. All Your Love
2. Midnight Blues
3. You Don’t Love Me
4. Texas Stuff
5. Moving On
6. Too Tire
7. Cold Cold Feeling
8. Further On Up the Road
9. King of the Blues
10. Stop Messing Around
11. The Blues is Alright
12. The Messiah Will Come Again
Disc 2: 1995

1. If you Be My Baby
2. Long Grey Mare
3. Oh Pretty Woman
4. I Loved Another Woman
5. Merry-Go-Round
6. The Stumble
7. Need Your Love So Bad
8. You Don’t Love Me
9. Key To Love
10. Over the Hills and Far Away
11. Since I Met You Baby
12. The Blues Is Alright
13. Stop Messing Around
14. Jumpin’ At the Shadows
Disc 3: 1997

1. One Good Reason
2. One Fine Day
3. Cold Wind Blows
4. I’ve Found My Love In You
5. Always There For You
6. Oh Pretty Woman
7. Walking By Myself
8. Business As Usual
9. Out In the Fields
10. Over the Hills
11. Parisienne Walkways
Disc 4: 1999
1. Walking By Myself
2. Since I Met You Baby
3. Need Your Love So Bad
4. Tore Down
5. You Don’t Love Me
6. All Your Love
7. Still Got the Blues
8. Too Tired
9. The Sky is Crying
10. Further On Up the Road
11. Fire
12. Parisienne Walkways

Disc 5: 2001

1. You Upset Me Baby
2. Cold Black Night
3. Stormy Monday
4. Oh Pretty Woman
5. All Your Love
6. Still Got the Blues
7. Too Tired
8. How Many Lies
9. Fire
10. Enough of the Blues
11. The Prophet

While I’ve never joined the Swiss at their festival I am able to enjoy them through Eagle Rocks Live At Montreux series – which is deep and broad.

This 5 CD box set captures the magnitude of this majestic lead guitarist that spans over six hours of music from over an eleven year window. The sound quality is fantastic and Moore’s energy level is powerful. If you are looking for lots of guitar rich blues, this may be just the ticket. It is truly worthy of the title Essential. 4.0 out of 5.0 on the STLBluesometer.

Peace and Love
Peter 'Cornbread' Cohen, CBP
~ Cornbread@STLBlues.net
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