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'Cornbread'By Cornbread

“2 Cars” Hudson and the Hoo Doo Cats

“2 Cars” & “And Friends 2”
{Heavy Set Records | 2004}

The two latest CD’s from St. Louis’ own JumpSwinginRockinBoogieBluesaBilly band feature songs from the bands 5 CD’s. These compilations are part of the 15-year anniversary celebration for Hudson and the Hoo Doo Cats. The band features vocalist, drummer and songwriter Hudson Harkins, ace guitarist John Logan, and the slap bass of Belleville, Illinois native Mike Graham (Graham plays a very cool 1940's aluminum upright bass – these things were made for the navy back in the day, if anyone finds one in the real world or cyber-world let me know, I want one. STLBlues will be highlighting this instrument in a future discussion with Hudson and Graham, check back soon). Recent addition of Matt Murdick on keyboards rounds out this trio into a well-oiled quartet. These cats got it going on!

Two Cars is more blues swing and rockabilly of the two, with plenty of blues shuffles. I preferred this CD over the other. Two Cars is made up of songs from "Roll with a Punch and go with the Flow" (1999) and "And That's Right Too” (1998). The band spruced up the songs a bit, re-sang some, and added Murdick to some.


1. I Got A Rocket In My Pocket – Combine Ike Turner (Rocket 88) add Brian Setzer and vwallah you Got A Rocket In My Pocket. I love this song. This song will stick with you more than my grandmothers oatmeal. You’ll keep singin’ it all day.

2. Way Off All In There In The Middle Of The Boogie – listen to this song, you’ll know what they mean JumpSwinginRockinBoogieBluesaBilly.

3. Roll With A Punch And Go With The Flow – G R E A T rockabilly swing with Chuck Berry’esque guitar licks. Hey Matt, good piano licks, and Mike the bass was awesome.

4. I Like My Women Just A Little Bit Fat

5. Little Bird – my other favorite track, the vocal and lyrics are really good, then add in Logans slow precise guitar, hey all you cats and kittens it doesn’t get better than this!

6. I Can Still Rock

7. Twenty Flight Rock – hey Hudson my 12-year-old daughter said this song is pretty good (take that as a big compliment).

8. Go To Come Back – the boys slow it down on this song.

9. Vida Lee – a country shuffle, pretty good song.

10. Race With The Devil – great guitar solos Sir Logan, give us more please.

11. Won’t See Me ‘Round Here No More – another song with a country feel with a ton of bass. This is a bobble head song, listen to it and try not to be a boblle head.

12. I ‘Bout Fell Out – ever hear Johnnie Johnsons song Stepped In What?, this reminded me that. It’s kind of a party song.

13. You Look That Good To Me – ever really want to know what is meant by swingin’ shuffle?

14. And That’s Right Too – another really good song.

And Friends 2 And Friends 2
Songs from Up To Now, And Friends and Hoo Doo Time. Includes sessions originally performed in 1994, 1996, 2002 and 2004. Some of the songs are exactly the same as the originals, some have been tweaked a little and some have been completely rerecorded. Matt Murdick played keyboard on a couple of the re-recordings. There are over 25 musicians on this CD, some from Austin, TX and some from St. Louis. The songs on this CD are all original tunes.


1. Talk To Me – Johnnie Johnson adds his classic piano shuffle to this song (also on song 10). Blues swing making this toe-tappin’ delicious. This was my favorite track.

2. Sweetest Girls In Texas – Yow, high energy electric guitar and smooooth vocals balance this song.

3. Hoo Doo Woman

4. Who Do?
– WC Clark guest guitarist giving us not one but two great guitar solos.

5. Baby’s Got A Lock On My Heart
– this song performed as trio, has a bit of a country feel.

6. I Like My Women Just A Little Bit Fat
- I asked Hudson why he put I Like My Women Just A Little Bit Fat on both CD’s. Hud said “one is originals as trio, the second features Brian Casserly whaling on his horns.”

7. Yard Mowin’ Blues
- Rich McDonough on lead guitar

8. I’ll Never Walk Out Your Door
– almost six minutes, gotta like that. I liked the beginning, at first I thought it was an instrumental. It’s a good song, the guitar and organ parts throughout are great.

9. I Like Kitties
– Art Dwyer of Soulard Blues on bass (also on song 11)

10. Tired O’ Workin
’ – has a 40’s jazzy swing to it with horns, piano and background vocals.

11. Flair It Up
– dominant bass (thanks Art) and some fast finger pickin’

12. No Left Turn Unstoned
– this was Hudsons first song he wrote, it’s a country waltz, and mighty fine (yes children, papa Cornbread likes them slow too).

13. Mongo Play Drum
– a semi bizarre eclectic combination of percussions and various sounds, Hud what is this?

Both CD’s are fast moving. I’d put both in my “feel good/good mood music” category. Buy em’ both – you’ll like them.

By-the-way if you show up at a concert with an older CD and want to swap it for a newer updated version Hudson would gladly do that. Good music and service with a smile, could you ask for more?

Visit the Hoo Doo Cats site: www.hudsonband.com

The needle on the bluesometer was all over the place, we were able to combine the two CD’s and end up with the average rating of 4.367.

Ciao’ for now, peace.


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