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  The Bel Airs Spin Through BB's

  By Shannon
  The Bel Airs
The Bel Airs are one of my favorite blues bands nationally and locally. The first time I saw them was at Off Broadway about three years ago. From that moment, I was hooked on their shuffling blues beats. The band always rocks the house at BB's. They play the club about once a month as well as touring around St. Louis, Columbia, Nebraska, and Kansas City. The band consists of Michael Cherry on drums, Dick Pruitt on bass, and Dave Pruitt on guitar. I got the chance to speak with Michael for a bit on a Friday evening. The current three-piece band has been playing and touring together for about nine years; however, the Bel Airs have been around musically for over twenty! The Pruitt brothers have some of the best harmonizing of any blues band around and their up-tempo sounds and melodies are invigorating for any blues soul!

I also inquired about the infamous hula lamp that is always on stage with the band. Michael explained that it was first used as a reading lamp to honor requests that fans had written on paper and napkins for the band. They finally stopped bringing the lamp out and people were wondering what was going on. Now, its part of the scenery and atmosphere of the band's music. If you haven't seen the Bel Airs, don't miss the chance; you will be impressed! They currently have two cd's available; a third one is in the works and should be out by summer. You can click on www.belairs.com to find out more information and tour dates.

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