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Opening Day
Tom Mazzolini of KPFA started off the morning by introducing Fillmore Slim who started rocking the stage right at 11:00 a.m. Featuring selections from the new movie soundtrack "American P.I.", Fillmore Slim slid a high-energy silk beat across the crowd and his set ended far too quickly. Definitely someone to catch at every opportunity.

The Dynatones
The Dynatones blasted onto the stage featuring selections from their new CD "Shake That Mass", big, bold and brassy as all get out. Absolutely a group worth introducing yourself to if you are not familiar with their work. They hammered out "Papa's got a Brand New Bag" with incredible energy, sharp and on the spot. They laid down a great dancing beat and might just as well run that guitar right up your spine. A HOT group and considered one of the best live acts to see.

The Dynatones


Alberta Adams
Johnnie Bassett and The Detroit Revue came out of the corner swinging and Alberta Adams voice rolled across the audience with awesome power and Joe Weaver's fingers danced across that keyboard. They rocked the audience with incredible rhythm in "Ain't Nobody's Business if I do."

Alberta Adams beltin' out the Blues

Rosie Flores
Rosie Flores was the fourth act of the day. With her small frame and large turquoise guitar, she looked almost like a child as she approached the mike. There is nothing childlike about this singer's voice. She snapped it out fast and sassy with a ringing rockabilly vocal style and playing that had the crowd snapping their fingers and dancing. The song "Fox Town Road" was haunting enough to send a chill down the arms, even on such a perfect day and then "Rock-a-Bye Blues" rocked you right out of it. An artist worth looking for, high-energy and a lot of fun.

Rosie Flores

Boozoo Chavis
Boozoo Chavis, King of the Zydeco, brought some fine L'ousiana spice to the Bay Area. Hopping Cajun rhythms had the crowd doing the Cajun Two-Step. Even when they didn't know it!

Boozoo Chavis

Keb Mo
Keb' Mo' hails from East L. A. and plays the guitar. I almost want to say that if you need more information than that, you're not looking at the blues scene closely enough. Keb' Mo's fingers worked their magic across the strings of his guitar and the audience. Becoming more of a 'name' with the blues fans, Keb' Mo' has been playing for more than twenty years. Introduced to the delta blues when he was given the part in a play, Keb' Mo' has taken the blues down a new path, and we're liking what he's finding.

Keb Mo

Joe Louis Walker
Joe Louis Walker and the New Blues Allstars closed out the day with Billy Branch, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Alvin Youngblood Hart and Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne. These boys wailed it out as the sun set, a perfect ending to a perfect day as the breeze started to chill and the crowd started to pack it in.

Joe Louis Walker

Rod Tyler
Roy Tyler and New Directions woke Sunday morning up with "New Direction" and by the next song had the entire audience up and dancing, moving smoothly from a rap beat to a reggae rhythm. They introduced us to the 'Swamp Gospel' style with "The Warning" An absolutely dynamic group and definitely worth checking out.

Rod Tyler and New Directions


Lavay Smith
Lavay Smith and Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers . The name honest to god says it all. Lavay Smith can take your breath away with her hot vocal style. "It Don't Mean A Thing. . ." had a swing that just doesn't get any better. "Gee Baby. . ." strutted through the crowd and "I Want a Big Fine Daddy" from her newly released CD brought to mind the deep down cat purr torch song style. Absolutely a must see if you're ever in the Bay Area. The title of the CD, should you desire to check it out, is very easy to remember. "Everybody's Talkin' Bout Miss Thing". Do I need to tell you to look for it?

Lavay Smith


Roy Gaines
Roy Gaines! What to say about this performer? Living up to his pyro-technical Houston roots, Roy Gaines electrified the stage. Taking command from the first number, gracing the crowd with licks in the vein of Freddie King and T-Bone Walker, Roy Gaines put on the show! Shedding his jacket early, Roy Gaines provided the energy with his guitar to get the entire Sunday crowd on their feet. Fronting tunes from his 1999 CD "Blues Man for Life", he established himself with the crowd as a blues presence. Look for more great music from this Texas blues and jump guitar wizard.

Make sure to catch this act whenever you can!

Elvin Bishop and Little Smokey Smothers
Elvin Bishop and Little Smokey Smothers took the stage next. Slow rockin' guitar set the crowd to swaying. Great hip swingin', shoulder shakin' blues backed by big brass. On time and on top, they had the crowd howling (literally) for "I Gotta Red Rooster

Elvin Bishop & Little Smokey

Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers
Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers. They never get anything but better. The Mighty Flyers are tight and fast, they had the crowd on their feet jumping. Rod Piazza's harp solos are smoking hot and can leave your jaw hanging and Honey's fingers (and toes) are as fast as anything I would have believed possible as she raged away with her own keyboard solo. This group can never disappoint you!

Rod and Honey Piazza

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