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Tower of PowerTower of Power
Argosy Casino, Alton, IL – 9/23/06

Once again Gator was seen at the Argosy Casino in Alton. Again, to hear a horn band! This time it was Tower of Power the outstanding 1970’s soul funk band. Two of the members are original (39 years!!!) You get 5 guys with horns (From the lowest sax to the highest horns) and 5 guys supporting this horn section. Make no mistake it is a horn band (Kenny G hit the bricks) that has some other very good instruments and a great vocalist. In the audience are many old white people trying to find their groove, very hip but white mostly. So they gave us 90 solid minutes of hard drivin’ soul/funk. They had a couple of ballads (both of which were hits – look ‘em up) but mostly big stuff – “Chicago” on steroids.

My observation is they really came to the top at this show about 65 minutes into the set when they really clicked as a group. This was mostly due to the lead tenor sax guy who literally blew his butt off on a solo and everyone in the band responded and then they rocked easily and for fun. Two encore numbers left the sold out room standing and dancing and delighted that they were there.

Again I must say that show room at the Argosy is terrific. I have seen two big sounding groups, Tower of Power and Roomful of Blues there and the sound is incredible. Walking in the room does not look impressive acoustically but it really holds up to the range of decibels and pitch thrown at it by these huge bands.

My thanks to the crew at Argosy, especially Jim Fitzpatrick, Director of Marketing, who continues to bring first-rate music to the area at reasonable prices and in a great facility. It is only 30 miles for me from St. Charles and when the new expressway is finished, this winter, it will be an effortless drive to see these great acts.

The room is a 4.8 on the STLBluesometer.
Tower of Power gets a 4.6 (Not really blues you know, but tight and solid).

Later - Gator
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