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  Benefit for a Angel
  By Lady Di

We can not forget the reason why this benefit is being held today, it is being held for Lori Jerreries, a woman who has given up her time to help others to record a bit of history for all to see and to remember the musicians in St. Louis, local and national as not to be forgotten in the minds of the St. Louis, in the generations to come, so in honor of Lori, they have taken their time to show how much they can all come together for a worth while cause....and to say THANK YOU....and I thank you as well...all of you.....Dianna Trombino Mestman, now on with the show.

On stage....the Rich McDoungth Band, what can I say about Rich....WOW!!!!!!! Matt's a very creative keyboard player, Marty an out of sight drummer, who puts a lot of feelings into his playing, Greg, bass player who puts the B in Bass playing and finally Kirk, also a legend of a drummer and of course Rich... starts the event of the evening by filling the dance floor with willing dancers......all having a great time.

Renee Smith - MC for the event - is now holding a 1st raffle, giving away assorted prizes.

Now to join the stage is Tom Maloney, guitar extoranaire, also bass player, Sharon F. they set the tone for Mr, Bennie Smith, the very best guitar player I have ever heard in the St. Louis area and the world... backed by Harry Simon, sax player, and Eric McSpaden who plays the harp, now it can't get any better than this.....can it? Bennie is playing Crying In My Tears....the song make famous by Mr. Ray Charles....(and guess - what tears are forming in my eyes, it happens every time I hear that song). Harry's sax is haunting, Eric harp playing penetrates your soul...and the audience is glued to Bennie's every note.....

Now to join the stage is Morris Henderson, drummer/vocalist...history includes him being one of the original VOICE MASTERS, who has won a Grammy for one of his songs. His soulful sounds takes you back to the days of Motown...singing Knock On Wood...

Everybody knows the next artist, the one and only Johnnie Johnson, Is know as the No. 1 key board player in the world, his band Rich Hunt drummer, Gus Bass, Toni T. lead, Jim horn, Stewart sax, starts playing and you can bet they are going to rock down the house. A good song to start with is Every Day I Have the Blues, and makes you believe it... Renee Smith joins Johnnie and sings Let The Good Times Roll and feeling the good times Roll.....

The evening concludes.....with Renee singing Home Down Blues...what a way to end the night...OH GUESS WHAT? Kim Massey is coming on stage to sing with Renee, and it gets only better....they start singing Doctor Feel Good....some one make me an appointment......

Now that's a way to end the evening....unfortunately its time to say good night...I want to thank every one who has taken time to attend this event for a wonderful cause.......Thank You.....Dianna Trombino Mestman

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