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  Little Charlie and the Nightcats

Our intrepid Street Team member Shannon made the trek to Indianapolis, visiting the world famous Slippery Noodle Inn to witness the jump blues of Little Charlie and the Nightcats
. Here's Shannon's review!

"The pics were taken at the Slippery Noodle Inn on Tuesday evening when I caught the Little Charlie and the Nightcats show. It was amazing! They have a new bass player and the drummer has only been with them for about two years. If anyone recognizes him or knows who the bass player is or has played with, let me know. He was really good. The band sounded tight and good as ever. Rick Estrin is a crazy man as you will see in the last pic. Anyway, enjoy the PICS everyone!"
~ Shannon

One of the hardest-working barroom blues bands on the West Coast, Little Charlie & the Nightcats started out in the mid-'70s, began recording around a decade later, and just kept on going strong. The two constants over the Nightcats' long history were co-founders Little Charlie Baty (guitar) and Rick Estrin (harmonica, lead vocals). Here's a glimpse of Little Charlie and the Nightcats, as seen through the lens of Shannon!

Little Charlie and the Nightcats
Little Charlie and the Nightcats
Little Charlie and the Nightcats

Not familiar with the SNI? Here's a little history! The Slippery Noodle Inn was originally founded in 1850 as the Tremont House. It is Indiana's oldest, continually operated bar in the original building. The Noodle is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Originally it was a roadhouse (predecessor to the Holiday Inn) and a bar.

The "Inn" has been used in all types of activities. In the Civil War years it was a way station for the Underground Railroad. Later years saw a bordello open in the once luxurious Inn. It remained open until 1953 when a patron was killed. Two customers of the bordello got into an argument over one of the women, one killing the other and leaving the bloody knife on the bar. During Prohibition the Brady & Dillinger gangs used the building in back, originally built as a horse stable for the Inn, for target practice. Several of the slugs remain embedded in the lower east wall. In addition to liquor and beer being distilled in the building, cattle and swine were slaughtered and butchered in the basement. The meat hooks and water lines can still be found in the basement.

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