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 Hey ya'll, Cornbread here

Big Dave and CornbreadThere is much myth about the naming Cornbread, I will set the record straight for you. Far from the urban legend, I was not the youngest of thirteen children living in an abandoned boxcar in Texarkana and my family never sheared cotton. I was born in St. Louis as Peter Cohen. The nickname Cornbread was first used officially during the hot summer of 2001 at a blues festival where I was introduced to Johnnie Johnson as Cornbread. He smiled called me Cornbread, and the rest is history as they say. There is a Grand-pappy Cornbread who was a wise old man and mentor for me. While illiterate and a man of very few words, I find myself reflecting on his wisdom and quoting him from time-to-time.

Much like Big Dave, I too love the blues - especially Texas and Chicago blues guitar with gritty vocals and a little funk added in. By day I work in banking and by night I find myself reviewing CD's, listening to music, corresponding with other blues aficionados and playin' bass.

Well, it's been over six years since hooking up with Big Dave, in that time I've had the privilege of having more than 300 reviews published, hearing great music, meeting great people and the chance to visit with many of my favorite performers.

I really dig funky blues with lots of bass and lots of guitar rockin' blues, if you know of some I should know about please drop me a line.

Peace & Love
Peter 'Cornbread' Cohen, CBP
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