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  The 2004 STLBLues Concert
  Review by Lady Di (Dianna)

Frank Dunbar at the 2004 STLBlues ConcertNow before I begin my review, I want to thank David and Shauna Beardsley, for giving me the opportunity to share my photos with the world. David's website gives so many St. Louis blues artists the opportunity to let the world know about what St. Louis is known for ...great music and musicians....THANK YOU

Now for those who did not get a chance to be there, let me give you a detail account of the evening. The evening started out with MATT MURDICK, one of the best keyboard players, his smooth playing started the evening with the right mood, and got everybody in the mood for some blues. Get ready for the new blues sound of the BOTTOM UP BLUES GANG, the new generation of blues , up and coming.

Now it would be a shame not to mention the CRYING SHAME, with the great guitar playing of TONY T. and JOHN MAY, keep crying. Now the next group, get ready, for the dynamic duo of ALVIN JETT & FRANK BAUER, the crime fighters of music, hold on to your seats, you're in for a treat. If you like the sounds of Bonnie Ratt, then MELISSA NEELS and her band is what you are looking for, plus she can really play a mean guitar, and the band really clicks!!!

Enjoy the Concert video, just click here!

ROB GARLAND is from England, where he brings his sound of blues to the St. Louis area, his band the BLUE MONKS follows his footsteps. BONE DADDY & THE BLUES SHAKERS, should describe the blues sounds of the group...their blues shakes you right down to your soul and your bones....start shaking.....

Introducing one of the BEST guitar players in St. Louis area....meet RICH MCDONOUGH...who will put you into the next galaxy with his music...I always enjoy listening to the DELUXE MCDONOUGH BAND, you always go away feeling satisfied after hearing his band...

LIFT OFF...Now it's 2:30 A.M. and the mood has gone from mellow to wow...it's time to melloooow out.....peace.....Dianna Trombino

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