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Matt Murdick

Matt Murdick Matt Murdick has been playing professionally, in and out of the St. Louis music scene, since 1990. Originally a saxophone player, Matt turned to piano and keyboard instruments during college to meet the increasing demand in the St. Louis area for' good' keyboard players. Matt worked primarily as a keyboard player, mostly in jazz groups and wedding bands, such as Galaxy, Gordon Lawrence's 'Con Alma', and The BeBops, while working on his degree in Jazz Studies from Webster University during that time.

Shortly after that, Matt began a two year association with country music artist Curtis Lance, now a staff writer for Randy Travis' publishing companies. Matt quickly became acclimated to the style and enjoyed the time spent with the singer/guitar player. Matt returned back to the St. Louis scene, and rejoined his long-time friend, saxophonist Dennis Moser, in the jazz fusion group The BeBops, which had now reformulated to include Danny Eubanks (Dangerous Kitchen) on bass, and Brett Volker on drums. The quartet enjoyed local success and some regional success, grabbing the ear of Family Man(FM) Records, an independent label based out of Indianapolis. The BeBops recorded two CD's, a live CD entitled A Place Beyond(1996) and a studio CD, which was never released due to the record company's demise. Shortly after the demise of FM Records, Matt turned to the music of the blues.

"There just wasn't enough jazz being played in the area so we (The BeBops) went our separate ways...Danny started a great band called Dangerous Kitchen and Dennis joined the 'Z Band'....so I went to work for Buffalo Bob."

Matt worked for Buffalo Bob and the Bedroom Blues Band from 1998 until June of 2000, serving as the keyboard player and arranger. He still fills in from time to time with the band when his schedule allows. During that time Matt honed his skills as a blues player.

In May of 2000, Matt began what would turn out to be a year and a half association with the Soulard Blues Band.

"It actually just started out on a Monday night jam session. I was still working for Buffalo Bob, but I had heard of the legendary jam sessions at the Oyster Bar, and wanted to see it. WOW! I was blown away by the caliber of musicianship in the band. I had my gear with me and asked to play. Art Dwyer graciously let me set up, and I ended up playing on the session most of the night. It was just shortly after that when I became an 'unofficial' member of the band..working every Monday night and on selected events with the guys."

Those Monday nights led to associations with many local blues artists, which launched Matt into the forefront of the St. Louis Blues scene. He briefly joined Beau Shelby's Band, and made festival appearances with renown harmonica player Keith Doder, which led to an association and permanent position in the Rich McDonough Band in 2001.

In July 2001, Matt temporarily became a full-time member of the Soulard Blues Band, filling the position vacated by Brian Casserly, at which time he played on festivals and, with the band, appeared several times with Larry Thurston and once with Lou Marino of the world famous 'Blues Brothers Band'.

In November of 2001, Matt resigned from Soulard Blues Band, and has gone on to perform with such great acts as Kim Massie, Irene Allen, the Bottoms Up Blues Gang, The Resonators, and the St. Louis Social Club, as well as doing recording sessions with Kim, the BUBG, Brian Curran, and the Rich McDonough Band.

In addition to these projects, 2002 promises projects or performances with local artists such as Hudson and the Hoodoo Cats, blues man Boo Davis, delta blues performer Brian Curran, and his own Barrelhouse Blues Review.

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