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Jim Rosse

Q: Where were you born?
Right here in St. Louis. I've always maintained a home here in St. Louis, however traveled extensively.

Q: Tell us a little about your preferred musical instrument!

I play Trumpet. Preferred? Interesting question; I like all musical instruments if they're played with SOUL. From the HEART!

Q: What are some of your musical influences?
I started on an army bugle from my mothers antique shop at five. That year my parents got me lessons and a trumpet. I am now 47 years old. Influences from St. Louis, Chuck Schmidt was my friend and was the guy that exposed me to the real deal throughtout my high school and college days. He also taught me how blow the horn, get a good sound and the appreciation of legit playing (symphony musicians). Chuck played at North Texas and toured as a lead player with Stan Kenton and Buddy Rich.

I also Love Jim Manley, Dan Welty, Randy Holmes, Brain Casserdy, Dan Smith, Gary Smith and every other player I ever have known in town too many to mention. Every player I ever went to see from town I have learned something from if you listen. I was lucky enough at an early age to play with SILVERCLOUD, Erskine Ogelsby was the person that took the patience to let me develop my own voice and taught me how to sing and entertain. I loved him so much GOD REST HIS SOUL. That band had some of best blues horn players ever: Albert Hunter, Oliver Johnson, Ed Earley and that's just naming a few who I was able to learn and play with for years. Then I played briefly with Albert King and of course my own band THE SLIDERS. Johnnie Johnson is, with out a doubt, my favorite man to play with, He has a feel like nothing I have ever experienced! I hope I can pass that on as I get older. Plus what a Beautiful Cat personally!!!!!
(HUMBLE and loves to play music )

Q: What music were you exposed to in your childhood?
Both my parents listened to great music all the time. They always supported my brother, sister and me musically. They drove us to all those lessons; and would give us money for a Maynard, Miles, or a Bill Chase album.

Q: What music do you like to listen to?
I Love to hear almost all the players. I have some favorites, mostly guys I've played with from one time or another, Bill Barrnett, Steve Pecaro, Jimmy Lee, Benny, too many to mention. St. Louis has a wealth of live music. Just travel and you'll know what I mean.

Q: Have you done any recordings?
I was blessed to record with Keith Doder, RX Blues, The Sliders own CD was really fun. However Rockin' Eighty- Eights with Johnnie Johnson, Clayton Love and Jimmy Vaughn was the best experience I ever had. My word! Tom Malony, Gus Thornton, Willy Aikins, Albert Hunter, Vernon Guy, just the rehearsals were so COOL!

Q: What's your favorite music moment?
When Tom Malony phoned to ask if I'd like play Johnnie's birthday at the Missouri Botanical (Whittaker Jazz Festival). You know I loved all the time The Sliders played together. The band had one goal, to play music that was challenging and to sound like ourselves. We had a sound all our own. That's what I enjoy most. When people dig what you're playing and so do you.

Q: What's your favorite gig?
Probably Madison Wisconsin Blues Fest. With Johnnie Johnson. But I loved playing Mississippi Nights with The Sliders opening for KoKo Taylor or John Mayall. We were doing original music and even the main acts dug what we were playing. John Mayall even requested us the next time he came to St. Louis.

Q: Describe your musical path.
When I was young I wanted to play in a symphony or a big band like Basie. Some friends took me to see some blues band called SilverClould. i sat in and was hired the next day. After 7 years I played with Albert King, got hired the same time as the drummer in Cloudies band. When I came back to St.Louis I played with Billy Barrnett in a band called Black Market. After that new experience. I formed a group with friends that I played blues with called The Sliders. This band was formed to play music we all loved. Every person was encouraged to bring something to the band from their own experience musically. Now I play with Johnnie Johnson and am allowed to bring my own sound and personality to the band of the MAN who influenced all the music we all hear everyday. It doesn't get any better then that!

Q: What are your musical goals?
To continue to support the music of this city where ever I'm playing. Always go and see the local bands and support the places they work because working and playing makes the level of musicianship better. I hope to put another funk blues group together sometime soon.

Q: What do you think of the state of St. Louis Blues?
We are truly blessed here in St. Louis. I hope everyone does their part to keep the tradition alive and great players here. THANKS!

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