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Rob Garland

Rob GarlandQ: Where were you born?

A: Margate, Kent, England

Q: How long have you lived in St. Louis?

A: Three years

Q: What's your preferred musical instrument?

A: Guitar, because with it, you can express the full range of human emotions and as a kid it was a lot quieter to practice than the drums! I began around age 15 and took a few lessons from a guitar player in a local band called White City

Q: What were some of your musical influences?

A: The list is endless, BB King, Miles Davis, Larry Carlton, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Finn, Sting, Steve Cropper, Prince, Robben Ford, Eric Clapton...etc. And in St. Louis, John Mondin. Growing up, my Grandfather played violin and the organ. My dad just took up the guitar a couple of years ago. There was always a lot of music in our house. Mostly 60's and 70's stuff. The Shadows, Queen, The Stones, Elton John...etc. My Grandfather always used to listen to Django Reinhardt.

Q: Who do you like to listen to?

A: The Soulard Blues Band, Eat a Peach, Billy Barnett, Hudson & The Hoodoo Cats, Big Bamou, and the Rich McDonough Band

Q: Have you made any recordings?

A: Yes, our new original CD is coming out in February 2003

Q: What's your your favorite musical moment.

A: My first Gig at a biker festival when I was 16. I knew immediately, despite being extremely nervous, that this was what I was going to spend my whole life pursuing. I played with an already established rock band called The Cosmic Angels and I joined as second guitarist. I'm glad no tapes survived of the event!

Q: Describe your path as a performer, from beginning to now!

A: After playing in several rock bands as a teenager, I was lucky to join an original funk/rock band in England called Deadhappy that featured musicians much more advanced than I was. I ended up playing with them for seven years and played in an acoustic duo. I spent my first year in St. Louis playing with 7 piece soul/funk band, Mind Over Soul, then left to start my own band where I could finally play Blues
based material. Because my background has led me into lot's of different genres of music, I try to bring some of that back into the Blues. The music I write naturally comes out as a mix of all the styles that have influenced me.

Describe your musical goals?

A: To take the Blue Monks as far as we can possibly go

Q: What do you think of the state of blues in St. Louis?

A: St Louis has a great Blues scene in that bands work together and musicians often sit in with each other!

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