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  Johnnie Johnson - may his music be eternal

Johnnie JohnsonSt. Louis lost a musical treasure with the passing of a legend, Mr.Johnnie Johnson. Long a fixture here on the St. Louis music scene, Johnnie passed quietly away in his sleep on April 13th, 2005. Right up until the end, Johnnie was out there doing what he loved best, rocking the 88's like no one else!

We'll always have the gift of his 80th birthday party at the Botanical Garden, his incredible Old Webster Fest appearances, and countless others, including the honor of his performance at the 2005 STLBlues concert.

We have fond memories of visits to the Johnson household, spending time just hangin' out with Johnnie & Frances. At the tender age of 5, my son Dustin already had chosen Johnnie as his first musical idol. Johnnie was truly one of the most humble talents we had the pleasure of knowing, much like his friend Oliver Sain. We hope you enjoy our tribute page to honor our friend, Mr. Johnnie Johnson.


  A few words from friends and fans
I want to express my appreciation for your role in celebrating the life of a true icon of the Midwest. I was fortunate enough to work with Mr. Johnson back in 1998 - 1999 as a Monitor Engineer for a few shows he headlined here in Kansas City. He was a quiet, humble man, with an amazing talent, but always gave had time for a kind word. I credit Mr. Johnson as one of two major influences in my life to prod me to come out from behind the sound console and spend some quality time behind the keyboards after a several year absence. He was an artist who loved his craft...a very inspirational gentleman whom I shall miss, and never forget...

Ted Gardner
Keyboards-The Jeff Scheetz Band
Operations Manager- Sound Check Concert Systems
Kansas City, Missouri

Your talent, your heart of gold and your legend will not be forgotten ever. We will remember you as you were in person at Finale recently just lighting up your face, your smile and everyone in the audience when you tickled those 88s in person. You are going to be a sure hit in heaven!!!!

Carolyn and Phil Brown

We were very sorry to hear that Johnny passed away. We will greatly miss his humble virtuosity and generous soul. Once when I was working at the door at the Adams Mark for a Blues Society concert there, Johnny came to the door. The Kinsey Report was the band and Johnny, in all humility, asked me, "Is it all right if I come in? I'm on their album."

Like I would not know who he was!

I said, "Johnny, you're on EVERYBODY's album! Please come in."

Our best to all, Paul & Vickie

I am so proud of the St. Louis Blues community of which both of us are a part. STLBLUES.NET has always treated Johnnie with great regard and affection. Dave, as you know Johnnie and I were very close those final years and he always appreciated your kindness. Johnnie played his last public appearance in duet with just me, the two of us, and the last song he played in public was "After Hours", at a private affair, the Saturday before his passing.
Thank you for your loyalty and friendship to both Johnnie and myself,
Richard Hunt - Drummer

"Well, Johnnie Johnson, you're still packing the house!"

These are the first words that came un-thought from my mind and un-impeded from my heart and straight through my mouth as I put down my cane and turned to face, to share myself with, and to entertain the hundreds of people who had came to pay their last respects to my/our beloved friend and master musician, Mr Johnnie Johnson.

The words passed by, hung in the air for that brief second of time that it takes for them to be recognized, passed in through to the heart, the hearts in turn setting in motion hundreds of pairs of hands in to applaud in agreement.

On this non-mappable road of life, we as spiritual creatures need inputs of spiritual energy to maintain our spiritual lives. Thus for the beautiful birds. Thus for the beautiful plant life. Thus for the beautiful animals. And thus for the beautiful gift that was Johnnie Johnson, a worker at a spiritual refreshment stand along the road. Someone, put in charge of re-charge, who lived just to do his job the very best he could. (Which goes unsaid.)

In this darkness and confusion that is so prevalent in this world, another rare & comforting light has burnt itself out. Johnnie's music (and Johnnie himself) was therapy for the wounded and tired spirit stumbling down this road of life. Let me bear witness to that. He and his music has both soothed my soul and quieted my mind.

Now, when I begin to second-guess myself, or start to give in to doubt and fear that I may have lived a life in vain, or when I start in on myself for choosing a career that can be a tedious, underpaid, fractual and, in many cases, a self-destructive and unrewarding field...? I will remember Johnnie.

Johnnie will always be my role-model. He was able to take the blows, the inevitable slights, the panic attacks, all the while managing to avoid the political entity which only destroys......and I will always remember that the pleasure that I strive to share with the world comes from within, and that it is a gift that comes through me and not from me!

Rondo's Blues Deluxe
St. Louis, MO
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